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    星期三, 六月 24, 2009


    推特访谈伊朗博客作者Farid Pouya #Twinterview

    昨晚在线和伊朗博客作者Farid Pouya 做了一个 #twinterview,希望透过这些简单的问题帮助我更了解伊朗的局势和人们的心理状态。因为主流媒体无法客观报道,所以透过熟知的人来做贴近了解是必要的。

    感谢@thruth 的跟踪翻译,有所采纳,我自己也做了一些整理:


    问:what's really happening in Iran after election? 伊朗正在发生什么事情?
    答:millons say there was fraud, many elements prove it but State repress instead of compromising 上百万的人认为有选举舞弊,很多事实也印证了,但政府选择压制而不是承认

    问: I heard of Internet blackout, how can people spread information now? 我听说网络被封堵,人们如何传递信息?
    答: Internet is very slow and many sites filtered but people use proxies. free gate and spread the word 网络很慢,很多站点被拦截但人们用代理服务器,自由门等以及其他手段发布信息。

    问: There are global media coverage(except China) on #neda the sad story, the same feeling to most Iranian? 全球媒体(中国例外)都在报道Neda被射杀的悲剧,大多数伊朗人有同样的心情吗?
    答:Iranians remember her with candles and in internet. Protest's 'martyrs' have a face, Neda. 伊朗人用烛光来纪念她,她已经变成了抗议者的殉道符号

    问:How do normal Iranian think of 'western interference' said by government 普通的伊朗人如何理解政府所说的西方势力干预?
    答:Not at all. Millions in street and people shout God is Great (Allah Akbar) onrooftops.A real Iranian movement. 根本不是那么一回事,街头和屋顶成千上万的群众,都呼喊“真主伟大”。这是伊朗人的运动。

    问:So what's the current goal and appeal from people? 所以现在人们的诉求和目标是什么?
    答:Goal is to fight to get back their rights/votes. Some talk about strikes,a lot of anger and State lose legitimacy 目标就是争取本就该属于人们的权力和真实的选举结果。有人充满愤怒地讨论罢工,觉得政府已经失去其合法性。

    问:Are Iranian society ready to move to modern society if there's no boosting by Internet or Twitter? 如果没有网络和推特,伊朗人是否真的自发准备好进入现代社会?
    答:Yes, one third of Iranians use internet, Iran has high literacy rate and huge number of educated people. 没错,三分之一的伊朗人使用互联网,伊朗人的素质很高,很多收到过良好的教育

    问:How to tell void information came from Iran, in such a messy situation? 在混乱的情况下,怎么识别来自伊朗的无效消息?
    答:We need editors . Sometimes I read on Twitter info that is not true. Look sites such as Global Voices 我们需要编辑遴选。有些时候我发现 Twitter 上一些信息并不真实,可以多参考全球之声这样的网站。

    问:What the most concern about future from people in recent years? 这些年来伊朗人对未来的担忧是什么?
    答:economic, civil rights and stability. Government actes in immoral way, trust lost 经济,公民权利以及稳定性。政府行为不端,失信于民。

    问:How do you overcome the fears, ever and now? 一直以来,你们如何克服恐惧?
    答:Today slogan is : we are all together don't fear. The presence of people/group make fear almost disappear 眼下的口号是:“我们都在一起,不必害怕”,群体的出现让恐惧消失。

    问:do you believe a real democracy can make people like in Iran/China feel happier? 你觉得真正的民主会让中伊两国人民更加幸福么?
    答:Yes I believe people will be respected, won't live in fear and not to be repressed beacuse of they are different 是的,我相信人民意愿应该被尊重,人们不应生活于恐惧之中,不应因与他人不同而受到压制。

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