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"When we share, sharism plays as inner force", 2012, @TEDxTaipei

In my early days in touching Internet, I had several imaginations on how to use it as a learning tool. It then become my lifelong mission, followed with businesses and researches. I tried both micro and macro ways to create new tools or services to enable people to have better learning experience via communicating, collaborating, and ultimately, sharing.

Is sharing the traditional meaning on divide ownership, like sharing a house? or in a new circumstances appear new meanings? Why there were billions of people join Internet and share in different levels today, not really taking money incentive as the motivation?

After Blogging since 2002, I found I’m approaching the answers, and more philosophically logical. Sharing in a network can be found more returns without boundaries and limits. By witnessing and participating global grassroots initiatives, i learnt more on how collective intelligence emerged from scale of sharing based on different purposes. Some conversations and truth float up from collective effects. Someday, a new term popped up into my mind, Sharism, then cemented with all my experiences in past and later on going. I started to explore the meaning of Sharism with always questions and puzzles. By understanding the profound happenings in China and connections to the world, I believe this concept is going to be a value to the whole society, at least proven by existing facts.


Being Shareable

The whole journey actually started from 2002 when I posted my first blog article online. The geeky mind pushed me to more try new tools, services, or even cook by myself. Some key free souls like Dave Winner, Joi Ito, Evan Williams, Rebecca Machinnon, Biz Stone, Ariana Huffington,and many Chinese bloggers including Muzimei, Keso, Fangxingdong, Amoiist, Huoju, JasonNG, Feng Zhenghu, then Anti, Aiweiwei, etc. all give us cases to learn a person with sharing can make him publicized and understood. The same time, their business, life or living status will be changed.

Two questions will be discuss along the sharing wave. Why people’s sharing make them be more trusted, more authentic, or more socially justified. Building sharing channels to outside world is not just publishing, it’s about trustworthy spiking to the social connections. In this way, all those role models give us a hint that they are shareable to the world, and they are a new kind of of mutation to the traditional human being. I was keeping asking myself, are there any theories to prove this, or is it just totally abstract. Apparently, they changed the world, they have driven the socially physical change.

Will the ownership concept change after sharing? It's worth of arguing after all. Sharism is not Communism, nor Socialism. The ownership sharing in business like stock share also about split ownership. But Sharism, nonetheless, may reveal a new relationship between sharers.

Giant Neuron

Neurology gives me more hints on whey shareable persons could give us more social changes. Biological neuron can’t behave intelligence by simply multiplying its numbers. However, we understand more about the neurons generate both memory and decisions from their connectivity. And learning is just happening along the connecting process. Like Jay Cross said,”Learning is to optimize internal and external network”. With neuron network propagating and inhibiting, information can be amplified and filtered to make the best choice at the end, keeping us continuously conscious.

I tried to apply neuron model into social networking and found its quite a similar match. It’s not like the efforts from another angle, like artificial neuron netowork from software or from DNA, it’s from human self-organization. People created circuit network by themselves and generate decision complex. I found collective “social memory” in the networking quite similar to Hopfiled Associative Memory, which could mean the whole social network generate its consciousness.

Today’s social networking is just like a baby brain in biological world, while each one of us could be a giant neuron(or not if someone doesn’t share). The giant neuron provides both ouput and input channels by different subscription/publishing functions, thus can be connected as a stable structure as a whole. It’s still in evolving and learning. With more and more shareable persons to build persistent connections between each other, we could analyze the speed, time, meme, information, knowledge and intelligence/wisdom from such structures. Giant neurons evolves from common social cell, like biological cell can be transformed into neuron cell, as long as the cell would love to change and try to adjust it’s code of being.

With such a giant neuron model and it’s social effects, maybe we can find new clues to study neurology in a reversed way,especially on whether neuron cell has free will, very possibly.

RT: A New Force

A short period after my using twitter, I created a short form of “retweeting” as “RT”, then was adopted by the community of twitter users without feet. It’s a kind of spreading experiment without intention. However, it is just like fiber communication replaced cable. RT boosted the information relayingdramaticallyy. Later, it became the built-in function of Twitter.

The power of RT is to keep the meme flowing, and eventually push the meaning being interpreted and executed in real world exit. Some meme may takes creativity, some may take transactions, some may take activism motivations, etc. The path of RT is a visible trajectory of how information becomes energy. My personal case on a new Chinese chacacter, “Caonima”, showcased how personal ideas could impact on traditional media, and created new goods. Another Chinese activist @amoiist was saved by RT shown the society could be mobilized better than before.

So RT is different to followers, which is power-law driven. RT means social adoption. Some powerful figures in society may have strong connectivity or fans, however, their voices may not as powerful as their number of followers. Instead, the influcence of RT could help anyone become hero overnight. The engineer heard the procedure of Osama Bin Laden was taken down was the best salt to the whole story to make it vivid more than CNN report.

From RT to real world result, is it famous Maxwell deamon we were discussing in the past century on Entropy? If information drives energy re-ordered, it’s a new force.

Look Ma! It’s Free

The old questions to many bloggers is that “how can your survive with blogging?”, the questions still there today but many bloggers have made big return from their persistent sharing. Techcruch, Hufftonpost are good samples. I have discussed the 4 type of returns in my early essay on Sharism but more profound ones discoverred when more web 2.0 services connected and possibilities emerged with RT forces. Now the switch handled to everyone, if you share, you can see the return afterward; the more you share, the more return you can get. It’s not logically correct, it’s proved in real world.

Therefore, we can see a new economic model: sharism economy. Anyone, anything or any organization can set up their sharing channels to become shareable. And the dynamic system will generate values, eventually back to the original sharing source. It’s like the investment in traditional world, but more sustainable. Enterprises, especially social enterprises will benefit a lot from this. Traditional business marketing strategy will be disrupted with more people participate sharing, it will follow and keep glory(like Dell), or die. Those sharing heroes, will be measured by a new system called Sharebank, and quantified by a new unit called “share”. One can use his/her share in a lifelong manner to access global product and services for the best price or even free.

Sharing will connect people’s judgement and their emotions, then lead the whole society chasing good more than evil. The story of how #beatcancer raised millions of RT and then sponsorship in money showed us that social passion in new sharing economy can work. We need a whole new set of skills to design shareable business models, which could turn many things free of charge at the beginning, but eventually harvest a lot.

Such economy is quite different from socialism or capitalism. It’s more like a autonomy capitalism with random but conscious selection. In this wave, China model, which is mostly featured as “Copy to China”(C2C), is taking the advantages of sharing, but cutting off the linkages between sharers and their returns. Some rubbish Chinese stocks proved this way was wrong.

Media, Knowledge and Intelligence

Sharing source code in open source community led the whole world into a new mentality in past 2 decades, which disrupted the traditional software business, created a lot of new innovations and successful technical entrepreneurs like Evan Williams. The information shared then become knowledge application in real world.

Similarly, in media industry, grassroots sharing is now re-defining “journalism” then re-shaping the whole industry. New media paradigm, not only transferring voice right to individuals, but also converting audience into part of media. Propaganda and broadcasting based media has to change to adapt to the new architecture. Some in a hope, some in struggling totally. The business model and pricing model is going to die.

While in losing the control of media, many new social changes emerged from everywhere in the world. The spring of 2011 become a momentum in human history because new media empowered people turned down several totalitarian regimes in Arab world, also burnt other countries like China, Singapore, UK, US, etc. The emergent democracy has been predicated by pioneers of sharing already, now proved to be true. International relationship also in a critical point. Diplomats is not secrecy works, it has be to be transparent. The policy makers need to consider not only domestic voices, but also international stakes.

It’s a new superpower from collective intelligence. Whatever happening in Journalism, politics, science and technologies. It’s about information entropy. The people intelligence add up in a vector way to be justified automatically. Wisdom of crowd is not in one individual’s level, it has to be put into real test. The whole world seems morphing from 3D to 4D.

River Crab

Sharism has a natural-born enemy, censorship. Censorship cut off the sharing path and eventually slow down the creativity. Censorship will generate more bias and conflicts, as sharing heal them.

As the father of unprecedented biggest censorship system, Professor Fang Binxing, was enjoying his social status and gains in the past ten years from his works until a young junior student throwing shoes toward him before his lecture. He is now the enemy from Internet voice space. Whatever excuse he is trying to place, netizen in China as well businesses like Google may show tons of evidence to prove he was wrong blocking human knowledge ruthlessly.

Google’s case in China was interesting with showing a path of learning on censorship tricks. My open letters to Google founders eventually didn’t save their operation of search engine in China. Inconsistency from their local executives missed the best statue of the company and left millions of loyal users nowhere to go.

But netizen didn’t bent their wills. With expanding ways to those giant neurons, censor found themselve in a dilemma that either block everything, or have to allow informaiton flow in creative ways. Caonima is such a new slang to make censors in curse and uneasy. The more cnesors want to block, the more possibilities that they found fragile and sensitive, then swallow themselves like Ouroboros. The result in my prediction, is a rebirth of the orders.

River Crab,the kidding way that netizen called the censorship system, nonetheless always generate uneasiness to people. We have to consider the feeling of being censored, which can be even described as tortures when you have chance to compare the experience of accessing free Internet.

In Social God, we believe

God is dead or love is dead? or both? There are many mysterious not from unseen power in traditional religion try to explain. Instead, we see the causes from a social scale. Some power from social sharing make things drastically out of our expectations.

In China, twitter generate many magics in the past five years. Nobody knows how it happened, but now many people believe it is a must-be. When you look at those stream of information, you will always find co-incidences. The human-flesh search, as a kind of crowd-sourcing, frightening a lot of ever-powerful officials, like the recent case Red-Cross scandal.

Wikileaks is a radical sharing, but help us understand something miracle before. Can we use such power to predict future, or create something good for future? Can we use such power to change democracy, social structure(including familty definition)s or Justice system?

I believe there’s some intelligence emerging I called it Social God. It’s not an existence in shape, but a collecting power from all human beings transformed into giant neuron. The god is so young as a baby, it is still learning and growing.if social god is in shaping, how will cosmology change? If someday the whole universe full of information, will it shrink again, then back to singularity?

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