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Is there a Unified theory?

The key thing is all the hypothesis should comply to current laws of physics(another paper on “Information Physics” from Kevin Knuth indicated a lot), like the hints from the paper I read on Networked Cosmology by Dmitri Krioukov and team. If so, all natural rules, social rules and cognitive rules. E.g. if our own intelligence work in a way that we understand, we must try to make the intelligence mode compatible with it. So even the common people can understand it.

And for uncertainty, it should be just about the evolution scale. It’s just like one man is hard to imagine human being had fishes as ancestors. The same problem can happen to “God”, who could not be able to understand some detail activities of lower level of information state which seems like uncertain.

It’s more and more possible the whole universe is a kind of “information string” as foundations, which can compute itself and generate new “string” structures. This string may have some relevance with the “String Theory” which indicate many dimension, but not sure if they are really connected and same. The information string, theoretically, can be explained to everything in physical world, or never been physical, just information. The paper from Kevin H.Knuth revealed some hints on information physics.

Albert Einstein chased Unified Field Theory for the whole rest of life. Unfortunately, Claude Shannon, Alan Turning, etc. were still not there, nor being able to communicate well with Einstein. Or they may have more imaginations and beyond. Now history should replay itself in a new age.

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