Energy,Mass and Information

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Given the hypothesis on universal computing, the only problem left is is about energy. Whatever all things came from 0/1, and mutation of information vesicles, there must be some energy involved from traditional thermology. Or energy itself is information(like mess is energy from Einstein?). Energy, could be just another kind of information package to exchange with other information.

This issue is related to both physical entropy and information entropy, which are argued for over one century. We have to solve the complex between these two entropies, with the new information model, into a logical mathematical one. In general. the whole universe(again, if it exists) should have an illusion that entropy increase all the time. On the other hand, the rules will be built up, algorithm will try to recollect those dissipated entropy back by new understandings. Are they racing each other, or eventually intelligence will outpace?

And, there could be new equation beyond E=mc2,

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