Information Understands Information

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"The "black box" has been opened, and it turns out to contain... a whole labyrinth of smaller black boxes! Oh well, no deity ever promised us it would be easy to figure ourselves out.", V.S. Ramachandran

But after all, what’s the meaning of evolution? Is the universe exist or never exist, just an illusion? Can information understand information? Can atom understand atom, or need a level of complexation? Can we eventually understand a level of things or can never beyond that?

Can information understand information? It was quested by understanding [why our brain understands itself. It’s a great quest to keep information model logical. The rules, the information, should be compiled to same model, otherwise we will fall into the dilemma who created the rules. Jurgen Schmidhuber didn't answer this as well, he may still explore the “God” from the creator of universal algorithm. When I’m writing down this, I'm rethinking my thoughts on this, it’s a kind of recursive thinking of the thinking itself. But what level of information can understand itself? Is the whole universe a brain, or yet to evolve?

With the intelligence difference, there could be three level of Gods as well, in our human understanding: The Creator God, The Evolutionary God, and the Programmer God. Will the whole universe has a maximized intelligence some day? what’s the limitations? The speed of computing, and the connectivity between computing units, the speed won't be exceed a limitation even with the highest communication capacity.