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Life Log and Life Feeds

There's a very hot application called Twitter caught eyeballs and fingers of many people. Since I was Twitter member for a long time after Chinese geek Bruce Wang introduced it to me half year ago. So can see how the small but cute application was spreading itself in such a short period. People around me stepped into twitter world one by one that caused me to stop accepting new connecting request(Today, I have to decline those strange names who requests for connection). Since Twitter the application integrates with Instant Messenger(s), we can see messages pop up from GTalk/Jabber clients time by time. Many people there even cried that "seems that I can't leave without twitter". One of my blogger friend from Taiwan, Carol, joked that "seems I put twitter higher prioritized than email when I get up". Why? Are there any magic driven powers behind Twitter? Yes:

I told Carol in Twitter, "@thecarol, because Twitter is like brain, but Email is just like a communication tool". Twitter does trigger the inner "voice" in people's mind. If it's not integrated with Instant Messenger(e.g. Gtalk/Jabber), it's nothing special. Actually, people seeks a long time to express such inner "voices" in brain for a long time. The voice dims very fast, so any web page based application can't catch it up. The inner "voice", is the so-called "meme" that represents the micro-granularity ideas flow out from our brain. If they can't be recorded(either by writing down or telling someone else), they will disappear quickly. We may lose many such ideas everyday that could possibly trigger big change to outside world with a "Butterfly Effect". Along with the building up of high-density social networking, such memes can be eventually well connected to form bigger "storms". To each individual, all the memes collected (by Twitter) can becomes a valuable capital, which is in a new name "Life Log".

"Life Log" is so amazing. Your any ideas and thoughts will be recorded to become retrievable and spreadable content. It's very helpful even without consider it's social effect because you can also reflect your memes to form bigger ideas, then actions to change ourselves. If, they are well connected in a social way(with trust), more possibilities will emerge. "Life Log", as a matter of fact, dig our life into a deeper level just like Microscope helps us to understand the microorganism in our life and eventually improves our understanding of the world. We will be more intelligent thinking in a more micro way. "Life Log" is the digital existence along our life timeline. It's our new property in more micro format after evolving from weblog which is macro level of "Life Log". So there comes Microformats which will change our information world in the coming years. "Life Log" will eventuall take those microformats as your private property. It's more valuable when you select some parts of "Life Log" to share with your social network. As return, you will be rewarded by other's sharing parts called by another new concept, "Life Feeds".

"Life Feeds" means those input memes comes to your brain along timeline. Before you start building up your habits of continuously outputting to "Life Log", you will require more inputs from outside world, especially those highly authentic information from your trust network. It's proved in learning theory that the more trust along yourinformation channel, the more possible to accommodated into your own knowledge system. So everyone of us will be fed with different sources of information everyday, every hour, every minute.... The "Life Feeds" must be balanced to "Life Log", otherwise, we shall lose it'sviability according to VSM(Viable System Model ) on variety balance rationale. This principle drives us to generate more memes though it's becoming harder to archive them just in time. Fortunately, instant-messenger-based capturing comes to help. We can eventually keep the balance in a relatively elegant level. In such an ecosystem, everyone of us is both information "producer" and "consumer". We are inter-linked in a "many-to-many" social network. It's even metaphor-ed as a super brain. I called it "New God" because it could be possible to impact the whole human beings when "the Singularity" reached.

Around the vision of "Life Log" and "Life Feeds", there will be more and more instant information tools emerged. Twitter is in the "Life Log" part, and is in the "Life Feeds" part. They are all great Micropipeline solutions to foster a new "thinking speed" age. I leave the question "How to make money" for you to get your intelligence to help them succeed in business world. Now your turn, entrepreneurs....

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