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"Censorship by Chinese Blog-hosting Companies", by Rebecca Mackinnon

Finally, Rebecca released her research works on self-censorship severities of those blog service providers in China. She was ever afraid when is right time to share the research to public. But Sharism works eventually when a best meme appeared, ha.

Not surprisingly, there’s already a Chinese edition of Rebecca’s blog post in two days from community. The censorship system is really complicated in China, however, the social media mouse is gaining lead in the race.

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Fresh Old Artcicle on Guardian

One of my old articles wrote for Guardian has just been published online after it's accomplishment about half year ago. Thanks to my diligent editor Leslie Plommer for the perfect collaboration months ago and eventually make the article published from hibernation. Now I need people's comments.

It's a fresh old article. If I re-write the story today, I would love to get more stories included happened recently especially this half. Shi Zhao, also my blogger friend and lead Wikipedian in China, told me the photos seem not so nice but too cynical. Ok, I will try to suggest editors next time. :)

Isaac Mao
Photograph: Martin Godwin/Guardian

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Digital Nomads Plan just released a new project called "Digital Nomads",a non-profit service supporting Chinese people(but not limited) to set up their independent blogs. The project, also supported by Social Brain Foundation, is especially designed for people's free speech and will serve those grassroots journalists as the topmost mission. "Digital Nomads" the name came from my speech in Accton Taiwan by the invitation of one of my best friends Joy Tang.

The service is actually inherited from early ideas of "Adopt a Chinese Blog" program by cnblog. As more and more blog hosting services in China started to cooperate with government censorship, many independant voices were actually blocked and slowed. Though there are some brave people started to fight with those "self-censorship"(from businesses) in relative weak legal context, seems the most direct way is to support bloggers to become real independant from those censorships in technical ways. So there comes the project idea and right volunteers teaming up.

As it's a project supported by SBF, Digital Nomads project won't be a for-profit one. Instead, it only requires the supportees to pay their doman name and basic hosting fees to cover the cost. The service will be more than that with the voluteers efforts to promote the blogs and incorporate advanced technologies to help bloggers empowered(like OpenID, Microformat, etc.). Also the team will help bloggers to well use media creation tools to make their blogs richer in content. We would like to see how the project develops itself to demonstrate how important free speech is and how powerful the distributed grassroots voice sphere would be.

If you would like to help promote the project in other areas(not limited to Chinese speaker people), I'd like to transfer the message to the team and try any possibilities to support too.

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Wikimania in Blogosphere

Mania-logoWith Yahoo Pipes and, I have just burnt a feed to show the updates about Wikimania 2007 conference. The feed can be subscribed with Gtalk/Skype/MSN messenger once there are any updates from Blogosphere(merged the search result from Technorati and Google Blog Search).

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Macedonia exploration started from blogosphere

I can not match the Chinese and English name of Macedonia until recently. I got times of impressions in these days about this country either from Friends' mentioning or some advertisements on media. Seems the small ex-Yugoslavia country has a strong ambition to attract foreign investment. So there are a series of policy incentives defined and publicized to market. Some taxation and facility advantages seems very attractive to offshore business configuration. I'm willing to visit this country once I found a right opportunity from my business. But what I want to start exploration is from blogosphere. Firstly I found( via twitter) my friend Joi's recent visit to this country to open CC mecedonia. Then I googled out some interesting blogs about Macedonia(also in English) . It's unavoidable that English is becoming a formal blogging language that people can easily plug into the global blog network. Also some non-English speaking people may feel easy to express in English. It could be a psychological topic to find why and may cause cultrual debate on whether their native languages is being eclipsed. Anway, I enjoy the global connectivity in a six(or five, or less) degree of separation. Ok, I will turn to Wikipedia to continue my Macedonia exploration from more angles...

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